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We are compelled to provide children with clothing that is made from organic cotton fabric: fabric that is made without the use of toxic pesticides. We are committed to being the visible brand for children, parents and grandparents.

Owwiebooboo is how my daughter would refer to her scrapes. Therefore, I dedicate this name to my great memories as a young mother, to other mothers with young children, and my daughter who is now an adult. 

About Our Name

Our Story

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Comfortable play clothing made from organic cotton.

  • The line is made from organic cotton fabric.
  • It is innovative, fun, and fashionable clothing that is timeless, and durable.
  • The line is designed for newborns to toddlers, up to size 7. 

The concept of a children’s clothing line was conceived from a class assignment to create an item that was unavailable in the market place at the time. Then, in 2015 No Owwiebooboo came to life, and the product was launched. The No Owwiebooboo brand features a line of children clothing ideal for active play. 

About the Line